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Western AgriPharma’s Flagship Cannabis Cultivation facility



Port Mellon Facility

The facility will be built out in stages of 24,000 square foot, Cultivation Pods with a proposed maximum canopy of 150,000 square feet. The facility is located on BC’s supernatural Sunshine Coast known for its iconic West Coast Scenery and the Artisan Communities.

RQB Orbital Gardening

The RavenQuest orbital garden allows for production of large quantities of cannabis in smaller areas by maximizing the productivity of grow space and lighting. As the sector matures a wholesale model will emerge, placing increased importance upon production per square foot of growing space. Flat table growing environments will face profitability challenges, highlighting the importance of our industry-disruptive growing technology.

As science continues to dig deeper into the Medicinal potential of Cannabis and it's seemingly endless use cases, quality of flower seems to have a direct correlation to the quality and efficacy of the byproducts and compounds that are extracted. By controlling the plants environment and utilizing highly repeatable processes, we can ensure that each crop is grown within extremely rigid specifications. We believe this will be one major differentiation from the rest of the industry, which will be mass producing mid to low grade product using greenhouses and unpredictable Solar cycles. In the case of medicine, Doctors will be able to confidently prescribe certain Genetics, to cure and prevent specific ailments. In the case of the Recreational user, knowing exactly what is being purchased and how their body will respond, will allow them to feel comfortable with the product they are consuming. At Western AgriPharma, our primary focus is to produce extremely high quality Cannabis - in a repetitive fashion - to allow for an unparalleled End-User experience.

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The location

With funding to develop the project falling short and a downturn in the local economy, the Industrial Park was somewhat forgotten for many years. It is the vision of WAL’s management to invest heavily into revitalizing the Property and using the opportunity of Legalized Cannabis to restore this beautiful location to the level that it and the surround communities deserve. With the help of the SCRD and local trades and contractors, it is our hope to build one of Canada’s premier Cannabis Campuses featuring hundreds of full time jobs and educational opportunities that currently do not exist.